G A Y N E R   E N G I N E E R S


Plans & Specifications

Detailed drawings and CSI format divisions 15 and 16 specifications suitable for either bidding or negotiation. Plan & Spec is the principal delivery method used by Gayner Engineers. Gayner Engineers is the engineer-of-record.


Option 1:
Written-only criteria describing the services required by the prospective design-build engineer-of-record.
Gayner Engineers can provide peer review services during any part of the selected design-build engineer's work.

Option 2:
Similar to Option 1, except schematic level drawings, outline specifications, and preliminary equipment sizing can be included.
Peer review services can also be provided.

Option 3:
Also known as Design-Assist. Design Development level drawings, detailed division 15 and 16 specifications, calculations, and equipment sizing are provided.
Peer review, submittal co-review, and supplementary field observation services can be provided.